Do We Finally Have Our Moe for The Three Stooges?

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Chris Diamantopoulos is apparently the frontrunner to play the yet-to-be-cast Moe in the Farrelly brothers adaptation of The Three Stooges.  The film will be directed by the brother for 20th Century Fox.

The directors recently met with thousands of candidates in order to choose the perfect actor to play the part of the patriarch of the Stooges.

Actor Chris Diamantopoulos Set to Star in The Three Stooges?

Diamantopoulos could definitely pull the role off with a bowl haircut.  He will join Will Sasso who will be playing Curly and Sean Hayes who will play Larry.

He had a recurring role on the Lifetime drama series State of Mind. He also appeared on The Kennedys as Frank Sinatra.

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The Three Stooges Quotes

Curly: Uh-oh, he's snuffocatin'!
Larry: Don't worry, I know the Heineken maneuver!

Moe: He's got a headache. [to Larry]
Larry: No I don't!
Moe: [bangs Larry in the head with a hammer] How 'bout now?
Larry: Yeah, It's comin' on.

The Three Stooges Review

When discussing The Three Stooges movie from the Farrelly brothers, one has to begin with the brilliant work of Sean Hayes, Will Sasso...

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