DVD Release: The King's Speech, Rabbit Hole, Gulliver's Travels

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Quite a few films released on DVD today - many critically-acclaimed dramas to choose from.  Plus, the fun Jack Black film Gulliver's Travels is also available.

Check out the films available below, including what bonus features you can find on the Blu-Ray/DVD.

Gulliver's Travels: Travel writer Lemuel Gulliver takes an assignment in Bermuda, but ends up on the island of Liliput, where he towers over its tiny citizens. The DVD extras include deleted scenes, a gag reel and several making-of features.

Gulliver's Travels DVD

The King's Speech: This 2011 Oscar winner for Best Picture took on a powerful force right before the Oscars.  In the film, Oscar winner Colin Firth plays King George VI, a King who must overcome his fears of public speaking caused by his stutter.  With the help of his speech therapist Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) he finds the confidence to prevail.  DVD extras include a commentary with director Tom Hooper, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and a Q&A with the cast and crew.

The King's Speech Blu-Ray Cover

Continue reading for three more releases:

The Way Back: A group of soldiers escape from a Siberian gulag in 1940 and walk 4000 miles to freedom in India.  Based on a true story, this gripping tale is filled with every obstacle imaginable, but is a testament to the human spirit and will to survive.  DVD features include various featurettes.

The Way Back Blu-Ray/DVD Cover

Somewhere: Takes a look into life of Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff), an A-list Hollywood actor who is actually bored with life.  He parties, drives fast cars and sleeps with women to escape his life. He is forced to re-assess his lifestyle when he spends some quality time with his 11 year-old daughter (Elle Fanning).  DVD extras include a making-of feature.

Somewhere Blu-Ray/DVD Cover

Rabbit Hole: Becca and Howie Corbett are a happily married couple whose perfect world is forever changed when their young son, Danny, is killed by a car.  They both mourn their loss in different ways, but must find a way to help each other.  The film focuses on how their tragedy affects their everyday lives and those of the people around them.  DVD features includes deleted scenes and featurettes.

Rabbit Hole Blu-Ray/DVD

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