EXCLUSIVE: Nico Tortorella Talks Scream 4 and Playing Tricks on the Cast

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  Nico Tortorella recently caught up with Movie Fanatic to talk about his experience on the set of Scream 4 and what it was like working with such a big cast of great actors.

"This is the second movie I’ve ever done and it was just a monster cast, or a ghost face cast you could say," he told us.  "It was just epic, still is"

He also talked about his new movie Trespass, co-starring Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman.

Check out the rest of the interview below.  Scream 4 is currently in theaters.

Nico Tortorella in Scream 4

Scream is doing great at the box office. Congrats! How was it working on that film?

Yeah! Thank you! It was awesome. When you go into a movie like this where you know who’s going to die, what’s going to happen and how its going to end, it’s so much fun putting all of the pieces together of how you’re going to get to the final project. The cast was amazing, Wes [Craven] was amazing, Michigan was great. It was one of the best summers of my life.

How was it working with such a huge cast?

It was crazy. This is the second movie I’ve ever done and it was just a monster cast, or a ghost face cast you could say. [laughs] It was just epic, still is.

Did the cast play tricks on each other?

Oh yeah, for sure. We were all staying in different hotels. A few of us would just go late at night and scare other people. We’d put the mask on and go knock on windows. It was fun. We scared the shit out of Emma Roberts one night. At her place, three of us came up to the window; she didn’t know we were coming over. She was terrified. She’s very easily frightened, that one. [laughs] So it was a lot more fun.

Had you seen the other Scream movies? Are you a horror movie fan?

I didn’t grow up watching the Scream movies. I hadn’t watched them until I auditioned. I wouldn’t have made it my first go-to, to see a horror movie out of all movies. Afterwards, I have a huge respect for the genre and the creators, directors and writers. It’s a different kind entertainment. I’ve gone back and watched a lot of Wes Craven's original movies and he really knows what he’s doing.

Favorite Wes Craven film and horror film in general?

For Wes Craven, The Last House on the Left. Jaws, Hostile and Saw scared the shit out of me.

Tell me about your other film Trespass.

It has Joel Schumacher [director], Nicolas Cage, Cam Gigandet and Nicole Kidman in it. I play a nice little role that comes in half way through the movie. It was fun. I loved working with Joel. It’s a super high paced action hostage movie. It’ll be a good one. Again, another monster cast.

A house gets broken into in a hell hostage, and the whole movie takes place in the house. The house they built was inside the convention center of the hotel we stayed in. It was very easy to get to work. [laughs]

What can you tell me about your character?

He’s the life of the party. That’s all I can tell you.

Nico also wanted me to note that he does not have a Twitter account. Any accounts with his name are fake.  

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