EXCLUSIVE: Shannon Kane Talks Starring With Tyler Perry and Madea

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You can always count on Tyler Perry to bring on a full range of emotions with his films.  Shannon Kane, who stars in his latest film Madea’s Big Happy Family says this film will be no different.  Movie Fanatic got a chance to catch up with the actress who's starring in the latest Madea flick.

 “You can expect an emotional roller coaster; it'll make you laugh and cry. It will become a part of you.”

See more of what Shannon had to say about Tyler Perry, Madea, and the movie below.

Shannon Kane Stars in Madea's Big Happy Family



Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family releases in theaters Friday April 22nd.

Talk to me about Madea's Big Happy Family.

Working on this film was an excellent experience; the whole cast and crew got along very well. I played a very emotional, dark character who was hung up on previous circumstances that made her hate her family. It was kind of a dark trip.

As an actor, you have to go deep down and acquire and face feelings to be able to relate to your character. For me it was a dark road, but it was definitely enlightening creatively. It's certain things that you have to revisit and get over in your life. Once you see it on screen, it's such a magic that it's like therapy.

My characters mother has been diagnosed with cancer, so Madea goes through struggles of trying to get people together, meanwhile dealing with her own problems. The lesson is the value of family, and the priorities of life. Making family the top priority. Sometimes you might get caught up in the outside pressure, but what's really important is family. It's a shame that she had to go through such a struggle to get such a close and loving family together. You can expect an emotional roller coaster, it'll make you laugh and cry. It will become a part of you.

Tell me more about your character Kimberly.

There were definitely traumatic experiences that happened in her childhood and she holds resentment towards her family because she feels like they didn't properly protect her, and they didn't do anything about it. Kimberly is so proper, so what I love the most is that Madea takes her gun-tone attitude and masters her. She doesn’t let anybody think that anyone is better than her.

Your character has given up on love. Have you ever had a moment where you did?

Of course as human beings we all have feelings where love comes in and out and love comes closer or further from our lives and our hearts. I've always been a romantic and believed in love. When you feel pain or evil it all comes from love. It's about wanting to be loved. It might come off as evil, but theres a primal need to be loved and satisfied.

How was it working with Tyler Perry?

I would say it was a blessing. It was very hectic because he works on everything. You see him working with the editors, you see him starring in his own film and writing and directing everything at once. You're doing a scene with him in his fat suit, then he goes to video village, then he comes back in front of the camera and it's never-ending. Working with him was such an enlightening experience because he has attacked and learned all realms of film-making. He's able to portray and convey a character that's real. He understands each angle of cinema, so he works great with his actors and all of his assistants, producers and everything. They make a very close team. He has such a unique approach to things, it's genius.

Let's talk about Madea.

Madea is a mix of church and the comedy club. He showed up and we went right into scene, there was almost no preparation. I met him for a quick second. I was expecting a rehearsal with the devil and before I knew it, Tyler just comes screeching in through my front door; running in screaming my name. He keeps you on your toes. [laughs]

Why do you think audiences love Madea so much?

Because he says what people are afraid to say. There's a certain quality about people where we have t censor ourselves in order to be cordial people. Madea is somebody who has no shame or game and he keeps it 100% with his family. I think that's why people love watching it, because he says the things we're afraid to. He's on it, I love that about him. [laughs]

Madea even has her own language.

[Laughs] Whenever I try to, I can't even copy him. I cant do it The only person who can do that is him. You can go around all day imitating Madea, but there's only one master. It's a combination between his aunt and his mother, that's where the character comes from. It stems from his upbringing and he takes real information and makes it a character, and makes it bigger.

Do you have any scenes with Uncle Joe?

I don't! But I saw the film and Uncle Joe is just relentless, he's almost as bad as Madea.

What is your favorite Tyler Perry film?

I like, I Can Do Bad All By Myself. I'm a big Taraji Henson fan and I think she did her thing in that movie and he did an excellent job of direction. I'd say that would be my favorite Tyler Perry flick.

What do you hope audiences leave the theater feeling?

I hope they leave the theater thinking that they want to see another one. Let’s keep it going! More Madea!

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