Friday Fun: Why Don't People in Movies Say Goodbye When Hanging Up The Phone?

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This is an interesting find from Entertainment Weekly and one we thought was funny enough to share. 

Isn't it customary to say goodbye when you're hanging up the phone?  For real people it is, but in the movies - apparently not!

Director John August points this out in a recent blog post saying, "Movie characters hang up the phone earlier than actual people would. I’m not sure this is wrong, per se. Movie dialogue in general is a heightened, optimized version of how real people talk. In many of these examples, adding a last goodbye would feel odd."

It makes sense, at the end of this clip when a lot of the characters simply say thank you - although real people would still say goodbye!

Check out this clip of movie phone conversations ending - should there be a goodbye in there somewhere?

Do you notice this in movies?  Or is it something that you can overlook?

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