Quotes of the Week: Hop

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Hop was the biggest movie at the box office this weekend.  We have some of the funniest quotes from the film, starring James Marsden and Russel Brand (as the voice of E.B.)

Special Skills

Haven't seen it yet?  Get prepared with these quotes.  Or relive the funny magic with some of the funniest lines from the film.

Check out some of them below and be sure to visit out Hop movie quotes page for more!

Fred: Don't eat that (E.B.'s jelly bean poop)
Fred: You might not like the flavor.
Sam: Fred, relax.
Sam: [crunch] Watermelon.

I could bunk down anywhere, West wing, master suite, I'm not picky.


E.B.: Fred, I am special.
Fred: We are all special.
E.B.: You are not getting it. I mean I am really special.

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Hop Quotes

E.B.: Dad, I wanna drum in a band. I wanna see the world.
EB Dad: EB, the Easter bunny sees the world all in one night.
E.B.: oh, Really dad? What about China?
EB Dad: (Remembers being thrown out in China) Right, so we haven't cracked China yet.
E.B.: Don't wanna be the Easter bunny.
EB Dad: 4000 years of tradition doesn't end just because one selfish bunny doesn't feel like doing it!

All great artists suffer before they become famous. That lady wrote Harry Potter in a ditch.


Hop Review

Hop is a great movie for the whole family.  It's simple enough for the little ones to understand, yet it has enough laughs and "grownup"...

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