Sean Hayes Joins The Three Stooges

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Speculation and anticipation for the casting of the Farrelly Brothers comedy The Three Stooges has been circulating for weeks now. We already know Will Sasso will star in the adaptation as Curly and now we have our Larry.

According to Deadline, Sean Hayes has joined the cast of the tribute comedy.

Hayes is best known for his role on the television show Will and Grace.

Comedian Sean Hayes

The Three Stooges plot is a tribute to the original legends and will include three 30-minute shorts, keeping with the tradition of the original show.

The story will start with the three funnymen being left outside an orphanage as newborns and follow them into adulthood.

We should hear the announcement for final casting of all parts, including Moe shortly.

Who do you want to see round out the threesome?

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The Three Stooges Quotes

Curly: Uh-oh, he's snuffocatin'!
Larry: Don't worry, I know the Heineken maneuver!

Moe: He's got a headache. [to Larry]
Larry: No I don't!
Moe: [bangs Larry in the head with a hammer] How 'bout now?
Larry: Yeah, It's comin' on.

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