The Three Stooges: Who Should Play Moe?

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We now know who will be playing two-thirds of the comedic trio for the new adaptation of The Three Stooges.  Will Sasso and Sean Hayes have been cast to play Curly and Larry, but we're still minus a Moe.

The casting was a bit of a surprise, considering when this film was first announced, the Farrelly Brothers were courting A-listers like Jim Carrey and Sean Penn.  Wonder what prompted the change?

Let's play the casting game.  Who do you think should play Moe in the new tribute film?  In an effort to keep the playing ground level, it should probably (and will probably) be a TV star, so not to overshadow the other two.

Here are our picks:

Hank Azaria Picture
Charlie Sheen Picture
Funny Jason Segel
Comedian Jon Cryer

Hank Azaria - The funnyman has in hands in a lot of different things - mostly voicing animated characters (The Simpson's).  He last appeared in Hop as the voice of Carlos.  He would definitely be versatile and we would love to see him in more on-screen roles. 

Charlie Sheen - OK this is a long shot, but he does need a job and has proven he is a very funny comedian.  We could see him working well as a third of The Three Stooges, but he might take away the limelight from the other two just as much as any true A-lister.  Also, would be be reliable?  That's a bit of stretch too!

Jason Segel - We love Jason Segel on How I Met Your Mother and he's proven to be a very funny comedic actor who will do pretty much anything for a laugh (thinking full frontal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall).  We could see him sporting an incredibly funny and legit bowl cut!

Jon Cryer - This Two and a Half Men star might be a little bit more likely.  He's on haitus for the rest of the season with no word on if the show will return, so it might be a good chance for him to work and expand his horizons.  He's a goofy actor that can get a laugh and has his life together a little better than his former co-star.  We kind of like the idea of Cryer.

Who do you think will be cast as the part of Moe?  Right now, it seems to be anyone's guess.

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The Three Stooges Quotes

Curly: Uh-oh, he's snuffocatin'!
Larry: Don't worry, I know the Heineken maneuver!

Moe: He's got a headache. [to Larry]
Larry: No I don't!
Moe: [bangs Larry in the head with a hammer] How 'bout now?
Larry: Yeah, It's comin' on.

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