Weekend Movie Preview: April 15, 2011

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This may just be the first really big theater weekend of 2011.  Two highly anticipated movie are hitting theaters today, including Scream 4 and Rio.

The two big box office films are also very different from each other, so should draw substantially different crowds.

Rio has already debuted to incredible numbers and reviews overseas and has shown the world that the little blue macaw has what it takes to make box office gold.

Rio Teaser Poster
Scream 4 New Poster Released

Rio is expected to bring in more than $45 million this weekend at the box office - largely due to its amazing early reviews and great marketing campaign.

Scream 4 is also expected to bring in a lot of money for the fledging movie industry.  The first three films in the franchise have grossed more than $500 million and still prove to be very successful. 

This weekend, Scream 4 is expected to bring in around $40 million.

Rio: When Blu, a domesticated macaw from small-town Minnesota, meets the fiercely independent Jewel, he takes off on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro with this bird of his dreams.

Scream 4: Sydney Prescott is back in Woodsborough where the events of 10 years ago has become a highly mocked distant past to the teenagers living there.  But the cocky teens are in for a big surprise when the masked killer comes knocking on their door.

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Also out in limited release this weekend is The Conspirator, starring James McAvoy and Robin Wright. 
The Conspirator: The Conspirator follows the story of a woman accused of being a co-conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  It's up to an ambitious lawyer to prove she is innocent.

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