Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Trailer Released?

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An apparent pirated trailer for the upcoming Sony Pictures flick Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has appeared on YouTube.  It first appeared Saturday and is extremely shaky, so it appears to be a pirated version, but let's go over some of the facts:

  1. The "pirated" trailer has no associated with Sony Pictures and appears to be pirated from a movie theater.
  2. The trailer appeared on YouTube on Saturday posted under the account name "dobvivstiuwir," which has no other videos uploaded to it and the account was also created Saturday.
  3. The shaky video camera captures fast-paced, well-edited shots, suggest a professional trailer set for release. 
  4. The trailer was supposedly from a YouTube account in the Netherlands, but it shows a MPAA red band, which is only available in the USA.

So, brillant guerilla marketing from Sony?  Or is it really a pirated version?

Sony Pictures has yet to comment on the "leaked" trailer, but it also hasn't taken it down from YouTube, suggesting the studio is somehow involved.

Check out the trailer below:

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