Quotes of the Week: Fast Five

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A lot of you saw Fast Five this weekend and it got some pretty good reviews.  If you loved the movie or want to get a sneak peek at some of the best quotes of the film, check them out here!

Check out some of them below and be sure to visit out Fast Five movie quotes page for more!

Fast Five Poster

Hobbs: I'm taking you down Toretto.

Dominic Toretto: I'm right here. | permalink

Dominic: We're doin' last job and then we disappear.. forever. | permalink

Dominic: If you gonna survive, stop thinkin' like a cop. | permalink

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Fast Five Quotes

Roman Pearce: This shit went from mission impossible, to mission of freakin' insanity!
Dominic: Just stick to the plan.

Ok listen up! The men we're after professional runners. We find them, we take them as a team and we bring em back. And above all else, we don't ever, ever, let them get into cars.

Luke Hobbs