The Biggest Movie of All Time 3D Spoofs Avatar

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Writers/directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are set to bring a spoof of Avatar to the big screen, called The Biggest Movie of All Time 3D.

The duo who brought us Scary Movie, spoofing the teen horror genre, Date Movie, looking at the cliched romantic comedies, Epic Movie spoofing blockbusters, and Vampires Suck, making fun of the cultural phenomenon Twilight.

Now, it's time to bring another funny look at the biggest movie of all time, Avatar.  The duo have appropriately titled the new film The Biggest Movie of All Time 3D.

The film is described as follows: 

"You got half naked blue people plugging their hair into strange flying horses so they can read their thoughts! And nothing in this mega blockbuster is off limits, from its overly simplified message of "big corporations = bad; tree hugging environmentalist = good," to the broadly drawn characters like the buffed out Colonel who's in a perpetual 'roid rage to the very colorful, glowing and... come on, totally stony world of Pandora. And just like "Avatar" our movie will be in eye popping 3-D – making it the very first spoof movie ever in this format."

Check out the poster below:

The Biggest Movie of All Time 3D Poster

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