Weekend Box Office: Thor Stays Strong At Number One

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This weekend's box office performed as expected, with Thor coming in comfortably at number one for the second week in a row.  With a 47 percent drop, the God of Thunder managed to bring in another $34.5 million, making its grand total, so far, more than $119 million.

The Kristen Wiig comedy Bridesmaids did much better than its expected $20 million -- totaling $24.4 in it's opening weekend.

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Fast Five is also still performing well, with another $19.5 million to add to its growing total.  Five has already made almost $170 million -- and it's only week three.

Priest was the other new film opening this weekend and it did about what was expected.

Here are the top 5 at the box office:

  1. Thor - $34,500,000
  2. Bridesmaids - $24,409,000
  3. Fast Five - $19,534,000
  4. Priest - $14, 500,000
  5. Rio - $8,000,000

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