James Cameron Says Avatar 2 & 3 Won't Be a Trilogy

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In a recent interview with Fox News, James Cameron opened up about the next two Avatar film, set for release in 2014 and 2015.

Although they are still a long way away, we have some news about the shooting schedule and how exactly the two sequels are going to work.

"We're shooting the two films back-to-back, so I'm writing two scripts, not one, which will complete a [three]-film story arc – not really a trilogy, but just an overall character arc so I'm pretty excited about that."

Don't mess with Neytiri

He also talked about the new 3D technology they are working on for the film saying, "We're doing a lot of preliminary work right now on new software and new animation techniques and so on. We're creating a new facility in Manhattan Beach so everybody that's not already dead is coming back."

So the film is really just going to be like a 10 hour story broken into three movies?  Interesting.  Cameron must have a lot of ideas and adventures for Pandora!

Are you excited to see more stories from Pandora?

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