J.J. Abrams Sends Special Message to Super 8 Fans

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Check this out!!  We have an exclusive super-secret, super special message from J.J Abrams straight to Super 8 fans!  He's talking to you!

Movie Fanatic was invited to Paramount's special super secret fan screening of Super 8 Wednesday night - two days before the film hits theaters nationwide. 

We were there with the fans at the Arclight in Hollywood to see the film with the people it was made for.

J.J. Abrams even appeared before the film to send out a special message to the fans - he even asked fans to do something for him.  Check out our exclusive video to see what he had to say!

On Tuesday fans were informed that they would be able to see an exclusive early screening -- if they had the secret password and signed up in time. 

Through word of mouth, people found out how to get the secret password and in a matter of hour, all 12 theaters hosting the secret screening around the country got these exclusive tickets.

It was awesome to see what the fans thought of the film and the dedication - some fans were waiting at the Arclight theaters in Hollywood starting at 11 a.m (the screening wasn't until 10 p.m!)

After the screening we talked to fans and every single one of them unanimously confirmed, "it was awesome!"

Super 8 will open in about 300 theaters TODAY if you want to check it out early find out how here.

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