Leonardo DiCaprio To Star as Villain in Tarantino Film

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Word on the street has Leonardo DiCaprio attached to the latest Quentin Tarantino flick, Django Unchained, according to Deadline. DiCaprio will play the evil Calvin Candie in the western -- an evil ranch owner who also runs a sex club in Mississippi where women are sex slaves and men fight in death matches.

Talented Leonardo DiCaprio

Christoph Waltz is also confirmed for the film, playing a dentist bounty hunter who will play the sidekick the the lead.

The lead, still unknown, will play the part of a freed slave who tries to free his wife from the grips of the evil ranch owner.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Red Carpet Picture

Leonardo DiCaprio is dreamy and an extraordinary actor, who's received many awards for his roles.

He was born and raised in L.A., and began his career in the early 90s with recurring roles on shows like Santa Barbara and Growing Pains.

DiCaprio first received international fame in James Cameron's Titanic. Since then, he's been in numerous amounts of great films, including Catch Me If You Can, Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The Departed, Blood Diamond, Revolutionary Road, Shutter Island, and Inception.

Fun Fact: Leo is close friends with Tobey Maguire. The two met in 1990 when auditioning for Parenthood and will both be starring in The Great Gatsby.

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