MoviePass Offers Unlimited Movie Tickets For a Monthly Fee

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We'll file this one under "Interesting Ideas" and continue to watch to see where it goes.  A new startup company called MoviePass is hoping to build a similar brand to Netflix, but with theatrical releases.

MoviePass would allow fans to see an unlimited a number of movies in the theaters for $50 a month.  It is currently only in its early stages, testing out the market in the San Francisco Bay Area for the July 4th long weekend. 

According to Mashable, MoviePass is currently in the process of hashing out deals with the major online ticketing services, so as long as a theater is certified with a ticket service (ie. Fandango), MoviePass would also work there.

There are a couple of rules to this unlimited freedom though.  For example, you are only allowed to see one movie per day.  You can only see that particular movie one time, so if you want to watch a film more than once in the theater, you can't use your unlimited pass.  You can't give your pass to someone else, as the tickets are non-transferrable.  3D and IMC tickets will cost an additional $3 and you would just pay the difference when picking up your tickets.

You can check it out here:

It will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere.  It's a neat idea, but will people pay $50 a month for it?

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