MTV Movie Awards: Robert Pattinson Kisses Taylor Lautner and Other Top 5 Moments

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Whether they were sheer brilliance or completely awkward, here are the top 5 moments from last night's MTV movie awards.  You never know what you're going to get with these awards and last night proved just as random.

Although, the winners were depressingly the same as last year, the moments that make this award show different were still there in full force.

From Robert Pattinson's awesome best kiss acceptance speech to Reese Witherspoon accepting the Generation Award -- the show was packed full of memorable moments.

Here are our top 5 MTV Movie Award moments:

5. Robert Pattin & Bryce Dallas Howard win Best Fight - One word: Awkward!

4. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis Presenting Best Male Performance - What a way to open the show!

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3. Reese Witherspoon Wins Generation Award - "It's possible to make it in Hollywood without a Reality TV show"

2. Alexys Nicole Sanches wins Best Line - "I want to get chocolate wasted"

1.  Robert Pattinson plants a wet one on Taylor Lautner - Although he won for kissing Kristen Stewart.

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