Sarah Palin Documentary To Be Released in AMC Theaters

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A new Sarah Palin documentary, titled The Undefeated, will be released at AMC theaters across the nation starting July 15.  The film was directed by Palin supporter Stephen K. Bannon and chronicles the life of the former Alaska Governor as she rose to national recognition during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

The film features interviews with Palin supporters, including Alaskan residents and conservative bloggers. The film also features Palin's voice in the background as Bannon bought audio rights to her bestselling memoir Going Rogue.

Palin does not actually appear in the film, but she apparently did arrange interviews and access for the filmmakers.

Bannon has also produced a Tea Party documentary Generation Zero, which appeared on Fox News.

The public can go online to vote for future theater locations at

You can check out the preview below:

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