Weekend Movie Preview: June 3, 2011

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The only big movie to hit the box office this weekend is X-Men: First Class.  That means there is no direct competition from another opening film, which should help lift it's box office numbers.

The Hangover Part 2 will be the one to give it a run for its money in it's second weekend at the box office.  The film broke records when it opened Memorial Day weekend and fans were impressed by the very similar sequel, so it will probably continue to do well this weekend, bringing in another $35 million.

One of the most anticipated films of the summer is opening this weekend though and should draw a lot of the Hangover crowd.  Box office indicators are looking at an estimated $65 million opening weekend for X-Men: First Class.

Kung Fu Panda 2 should also do considerable well in its second weekend as it is the only kid friendly film at the box office right now and will probably continue to draw families who didn't see it last week.  It should bring in another $25 million on its second weekend. 

Continue reading to see four other films coming out in limited release this weekend:

Four more films open in NY and LA with the potential to open in more cities, but some of them are already getting great buzz and should add more theaters in the coming weeks.

Beautiful Boy: A family must deal with the loss of their son in the midst of their own marriage falling apart.  To make matters worse, their son was the lone gunman in a University shooting and the media is all over the couple trying to understand why it happened.  The parents are also just trying to understand how their son could do something so horrific, while dealing with their own grief. Check out our review of Beautiful Boy.

Love, Wedding, Marriage: Eva and Charlie have just exchanged vows to be together forever, but when Eva's parents announce they no longer want to be together, Eva's own marriage is also tested.  She makes it her mission to find out what happened to her parent's marriage and get them back together, forgetting about nurturing her own marriage. Check out our review of Love, Wedding, Marriage.

Beginners: A man must deal with two big pieces of news from his father soon after the death of his mother: his father is actually gay and he has cancer.  On top of dealing with his own issues in life, he must come to terms with what his father is going through and be there to support him through the ups (meeting a new man and falling in love) and downs (going through chemo) of his disease. 

Submarine: The film follows 15-year-old Oliver Tate who is desperate to  lose his virginity before his 16th birthday.  He meets a girl in his class who he decides would be a good choice, but the two end up getting along. He is also trying to stop a relationship from forming between his mother and her ex-lover.

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Professor Charles Xavier: We have it in us to be the better men.
Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto: We already are.

Professor Charles Xavier: Listen to me very carefully, my friend. Killing will not bring you peace.
Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto: Peace was never an option.

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