Comic-Con: 20th Century Fox Brings Out the Big Guns with Prometheus

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20th Century Fox pulled out all the stop for its Comic-Con movie panel, bringing to the forefront three of its upcoming films, including the highly secretive and highly anticipated Prometheus from Aliens mastermind Sir Ridley Scott.

Fans in Hall H got to see the first-ever footage of the film and they. Went. Wild!  This film has become the subject of much speculation, as many fans thought it was a sequel to Aliens, then proposed it was some kind of prequel.  No one really knew, but fans at Comic-Con got some answers - and we have them for you right here.

So the burning question - what the heck does Prometheus have to do with the Alien movies?

Scott, transmitting into Hall H through satellite signal via Iceland, didn't have too much to say on the subject, but did offer this:

"The film has DNA of Aliens, but everything else is completely different." Huh?

Ridley Scott from Iceland

He later clarifies, saying "there was something in the first Aliens that doesn't have an answer and in the second one - still no answer.  In the last few minutes of the movie, you will know what I'm talking about."  Very vague, but promising.

He was also asked by an eager fan is there would be any robots in the film, which he astutely answered "there might be two!"

Charlize Theron was also on-hand, along with moderator (and writer) Damon Lindelof, to promote the film.

The actress explains that she got involved because it was one of her dreams to work with the great Ridley Scott and you never pass up on such an extraordinary opportunity.

She also gives us a glimpse of her character, saying it's very different from anything she's ever played.

Charlize Theron at Comic-Con

"She's a suit.  She's the machine that runs the machine.  It first appears to be all about the mission, but you can tell she's going to be a problem... She's somewhat of an enigma. You think you know who she is, but she lurks in the corners and it's not turns out to be very unclear... In the third act, you see what she's really doing there."

Does it have something to do with the last few minutes being related to the Aliens movies?

The audience was shown a featurette-type trailer with many scenes from the film, as well as explanations and comments from Scott himself.  Fans applauded and gasped at various moments, signaling a great satisfaction in what they were seeing. Look out for the featurette to be released soon!

We quickly turned to another film from the studio, In Time - this one a little less known, which is surprising seeing as it's hitting theaters this October.   Stars Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried were on-hand to help explain the action-thriller, described as a child of Gattaca.

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried at Comic-Con

The premise follows a futuristic human race that stops aging at 25, but are then genetically engineered to live for only one more year.  But people are able to earn and buy time in order to live out their lives longer.  It's literally exploring the concept that time is money.

Time has replaced the notion of currency and everything costs a different amount of time that you have earned or bought from various sources.  These people are literally trying to get "rich" on time in order to live longer.

Timberlake describes his reasons behind taking on this futuristic role.

"Seemed cool to have a character set in the future, but was really just an ordinary guy trying to stay alive."  He describes the film as really a movie about people fighting to survive in a mean world - just valuing different things.

Seyfriend describes the experience on set, including the tremendous about of physical pressure.

"Lots of running. I was constantly holding onto him [Timberlake] or else I would have fallen.  Loved shooting guns - sometimes we went out to shoot after filming."

Writer/director Andrew Nicholl was also on-hand to describe the film and talk a little bit about casting a entire film, full of 25 year olds.

"Everyone looks 25, but they might be chronologically 105," he explains. "You have to find a maturity in a 25 year old's body," which he contends wasn't always easy to do.

Finally, we got to see a little bit more of Rise of the Planet of the Apes with Andy Serkis (who plays the ape, Caesar) explaining what it's like to be the king of motion capture (he was also Gollum in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy and King King in his King Kong remake).

Serkis says he has embraced the technology where others in Hollywood haven't because he believes he's "able to puppeteer something that's not a human form.  There's no limitation to what it can offer an actor."

We also got to see two very different clips from the upcoming film, also starring James Franco.  The first one showed Caesar in his natural habitat - natural meaning living and eating with his human family who raised him. 

Andy Serkis is Caesar

He has turned on a human while trying to defend his human father from what he saw as an attack.  As a result of this incident, he is sent off to a compound to live with other apes, whom he's never seen before.  The chapter that comes after that particular clip is very dark for Caesar.

And...just when you thought you would have to imagine that dark chapter until the movie hits theaters in August, Andy Serkis surprises us with yet another exclusive clip.

This one showed the start of the apes banding together and creating a resolution against their human abusers at the compound.  At the end of the clip, you get the feeling the awful owner is looking at a short future.

On top of the two sequences, Hall H fans were treated to a sizzle reel of the final act of the film, which included intense explosions, action, and gun-yielding apes.  It's everything you could ask for in an action flick, but better!  It's with apes!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is set to hit theaters on August 5, 2011.

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