Comic-Con Day #1 - Breaking Dawn Panel - Kristen Stewart Loves the Books!

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Breaking Dawn Part 1 isn't out in theaters until November, but we're getting a great sneak peek at the upcoming film!

The stars were on hand in full force, even bringing the waiting fans breakfast in line!  They brought their normal awkward charm to the stage and it's great to see them all laughing and smiling as they answered fan questions.

The atmosphere in the room is absolutely incredible as fans scream and laugh at almost everything said - you can feel the love for these characters and actors.

The Cast of Breaking Dawn

Director Bill Condon teases the audience about the epic-ness of this particular movie.

"Everything is coming at you from all sides in the final 30 minutes of this movie and it's going to be intense."

They made sure to do everything they could to make this final one as close to the book as possible - and relied on a surprising secret weapon to make it all possible.

"Having Stephenie Meyers there and Kristen, who is the biggest fan of these books, so she knows everything that's going in them," Condon explains. "We took a lot of time to meet and make sure we were capturing everything - especially getting inside Bella's head, expect for the part that from Jacob's point of view - for the first time ever"

Kristen Stewart at Comic-Con 2011

"It's a lot of pressure because there's some great stuff going on down in Brazil," Lautner explains about having scenes from his perspective. "It's really interesting to see tidbits from Jacob's point of view.  He's so mature, so it's really interesting to see how he handles stuff at the beginning and then we see how he's matured."

Lautner and Stewart also comment on their movies in the franchise.

"The third book is my favorite, but Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is by far my favorite movie.  We're all dealing with certain things we haven't dealt with so far," Lautner explains.

But Stewart says she "really liked Twilight a lot, it was the first one and kind of special. I also like this one - seeing them go through so much and grow so much."

As a special surprise at the end of the panel four fans won a special meet and greet with the cast on the red carpet at tonight's Summit after party! 

We'll post better versions of the pictures once we get them! 

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