Crazy, Stupid, Love Review: Far From Crazy Or Stupid

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The title says it all.  Crazy, Stupid, Love follows the story of a group of people falling in love in all the wrong ways - with the wrong people, at the wrong times, for the wrong reasons.  Yet it all comes together to create something so right!

The story starts out with Cal Weaver (played by the always lovable Steve Carell) finding out is marriage is ending.   His wife (Julianne Moore) wants a divorce because she has been seeing someone else (Kevin Bacon).  Cal is thrown completely off-balance by this announcement, yet lets his wife leave. 

He decides to jump into singledom with a vengeance.  And that's when we meet Jacob (Ryan Gosling), who decided to take Cal under his wing and show him the ways of the single world.

The Broken Couple

Meanwhile Cal's son is having a love crisis of his own. He's in love with his babysitter Jessica (Analeigh Tipton), but the babysitter is in love with his father, Cal.  All a little incestuous, but makes for a great story.

After showing Cal the life and style of a player, Jacob finds himself falling for the illustrious Hannah (Emma Stone), a young pre-law student who doesn't fall for his charm or his pick-up lines. 

The Always Charming Ryan Gosling

This rom com filled with A-listers has just the right amount of charisma to take it to a whole other level.  The chemistry between the main actors is magic - both within the romantic relationships and platonic ones - Gosling and Carell have quite the bromance going on!

At times teetering between mundane suburban life and flashy fun romance, this PG-13 comedy has its fair share of risque material -- but in the midst of raunchy R-rated sex baths and macho action heroes ready to save the world from non-existent threats, Crazy, Stupid, Love is a breathe of fresh air by not trying to hard to bring on the shock value.

An Encounter With the Single Life

The jokes are well-timed and completely natural, and with a leader like Steve Carell, it's not surprising.

What is surprising is Gosling's comedic genuis.  He proves he can pull of a light and funny role just as well as his typical dark brooding ones.  Gosling clicks immediately with Carell's nice-guy appeal and the two compliment each other perfectly.

Crazy, Stupid, Love Picture

Stone is delightful and proves time and time again that she has spot on comedic timing and will go out on various limbs to keep things light and funny.  She is perfect in this role.  Both she and Gosling could create chemistry with a brick wall, so naturally together - they are on fire!  There's one scene where they're bantering back and forth, soaking wet from the rain that is pure magic.  What is it about rain?  Gets us every time.

The Obligatory Rain Shot

The cast is rounded out with stellar performances by Julianne Moore as Cal's cheating wife Emily, Kevin Bacon as the man Emily's cheating with, Marisa Tomei as the slighted woman Cal meets at the bar, Jonah Bobo as their lovesick son, and Analeigh Tipton as the coveted babysitter.

With a completely unexpected twist near the end, everything starts to come together in a way you'll never expect.  The last twenty minutes will keep you on the edge of your seat as everything falls apart in this incestuous (not literally) little world of crazy, stupid, love

Crazy, Stupid, Love. Review

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Crazy, Stupid, Love Review

The title says it all.  Crazy, Stupid, Love follows the story of a group of people falling in love in all the wrong ways - with the wrong...

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  • 4.5 / 5.0
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User Rating

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 (8 Votes)