DVD Release: Source Code, Trust

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Two Blu-Ray/DVD titles hit this Tuesday, including the intriguing Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal and the sophomore directorial debut for David Schwimmer, Trust.

Source Code: Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a soldier who wakes up on a train in the body of someone else.  He finds out he's on a mission to find a bomber who has blown up the train on another timeline.  He must go back to that exact moment over and over to get closer to the truth. The DVD extras include a commentary track and cast interviews.  Check out our review for Source Code.

Source Code DVD Cover

Trust: Trust follows a young girl who is targeted by an online predator who pretends to be a teenage boy across the country.  The two meet and the girl's life turns upside down. The DVD extras include featurettes and outtakes.

Trust Blu-Ray Cover

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Source Code Review

Time travel and fate are explored in Source Code, a sci-fi thriller about a soldier sent to a parallel universe to figure out who bombed...

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