DVD Release: The Lincoln Lawyer, Rango

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It's a week full of new releases on Blu-Ray and DVD and there's something for everyone.  Check out the titles below.

Rango DVD Cover
Arthur DVD Cover
The Lincoln Lawyer Blu-Ray/DVD Cover
Insidious Blu-Ray/DVD Cover

Rango: Johnny Depp voices Rango, a chameleon living as an ordinary family pet who dreams of being a fearless hero and is challenged to become just that when he inadvertently becomes the sheriff of a lawless desert town called Dirt.  The Blu-Ray includes theatrical and extended version, commentary, featurettes, deleted scenes, and Storyboard Reel Picture in Picture special.  The DVD includes the theatrical release and a digital copy, plus deleted scenes and director commentary.

Arthur: A drunken playboy (Russell Brand) stands to lose a wealthy inheritance when he falls for a woman his family doesn't like. He must choose between staying with the woman of his dreams or marrying a family friend for purely business reasons.  Check out our review of Arthur.  The DVD includes featurettes and deleted scenes.

Insidious: A family that discovers their comatose boy is the housing unit for a bunch of evil entities.  The boy, meanwhile, is trapped in a dark realm known as "The Further." The film did surprisingly well for a horror flick, both at the box office and with the critics.  The DVD includes three “making of” documentaries and deleted scenes.

The Lincoln LawyerMatthew McConaughey stars as a Los Angeles attorney who gets himself into trouble after agreeing to defend a high-profile man accused of rape and attempted murder. The film is full of mystery and intrigue, as well as great dramatic performances by McConaughey, Ryan Phillippe, and Marisa Tomei.  Check out our The Lincoln Lawyer review. The DVD includes a making-of featurette and a deleted scenes reel.

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Rango Quotes

The name's Rango.
[crowd gasp]


Rango: So you want something to believe in?
[points at the "Sheriff" sign]
Rango: Believe in that there sign. For as long as it hangs there we've got hope.

Rango Review

Johnny Depp makes this lovable chameleon come alive and delivers a great vocal performance in Rango, but the storyline is a little...

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