EXCLUSIVE: Another Earth Red Carpet Premiere

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Another Earth is a labor of love, to be sure.  A very intimate group put their sweat and tears into making an incredible movie fit to contend with any Hollywood bigwig.

The amazing thing about this particular film is that it was pulled off with such a small group of people.  Director Mike Cahill also produced, co-wrote, edited, and was the cinematographer for the film. 

Main actress Brit Marling not only starred in the film, she also co-wrote and produced as well.  The third piece of the puzzle came with William Mapother ("Lost") who formed the other half of the main duo in the film.

Excited to see how audiences would react to their film that doesn't quite seem to fit into any category, the three descended on the Los Angeles Film Festival to show it to an L.A. audience.

"Is Another Earth really sci-fi? Is it a romantic drama?  Is it a story of redemption?" asks Cahill. "No matter what you know about the film going in, I don't think audiences can know what they're going to experience by the time the end credits roll."

Marling agrees, but hope people will come out of the film with a better understand and appreciate for the universe that surrounds us.

"I think this is a movie that makes you wonder and reflect and hopefully gives you that sense of awe or wonder at the end."

Check out the video below for more interviews with this inspiring group of people and their unbelievably creative film.

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