Exclusive: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Star Li Bingbing on What She Learned About Her Own Culture

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Wendi Murdoch's husband Rupert Murdoch may be in the middle of some risky business, but his wife Wendi is doing great things with her new film Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. As a Chinese woman, she was eager to show audiences some of the things that make China great - from its rich historical culture to the great changes in modern society for women.

The film is a loving showcase of what it is like to be women at very different times in Chinese culture.  Women in the 19th Century were subject to foot binding, arranged marriages, and no choice in life and love.  There was also lao tang and the notion of Nu Shu writing, which held a very special place in a woman's heart at the time.

Murdoch and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan star Li Bingbing talk about their own experience with Chinese culture and what they - as well as most of China - learned as a result of the film.

"Before I shoot this movie, I don't know one thing about Lao tang and Nu Shu - even me," Bingbing explains. "Most of Chinese, they don't know. But after the movie was released in China, most people know.  It's very popular now in China."

Li Bingbing also tells us she was a little weary of taking the role.  She was preparing for Chinese New Year - not another film.  Bingbing is a highly celebrated Chinese actress who has won many awards for her work, including the Chinese equivalent of the Oscars in her native land. 

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