Happy Independence Day: Top 5 Patriotic Movies

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Happy Independence Day everyone! In honor of the good ole' U.S. of A., we're looking at some of the most patriotic movies out there. 

Our list is brief and there were tons of great American films to go through. We could only choose so many, so add your own to our list.  We'd love to hear your favorites.

Feel like watching a movie this Independence Day that will make you feel proud to be an America?  Check out our list for some inspiration.

5. The Patriot 

The Patriot Poster

The name says it all with this one.  You want patriotism, how about a film called The Patriot. Mel Gibson plays an American motivated by the death of family members to take revenge on the British empire during the American Revolution.  Although not completely accurate and fraught with Hollywood exaggeration, The Patriot is a great way to celebrate America's Independence, considering it's about the battle for independence.

4. Air Force One

Air Force One Picture

We'd take Harrison Ford as president any day.  The film features Ford as the President of the United States, taking down a group of terrorists threatening his country and his family.  What's more fitting than that.  When the president's plane hijacked by evil Soviets (of course), he must deal with it himself and save his country.  Unlikely, but still very patriotic.

3. Top Gun

Top Gun Photo

Independence Day is a time to celebrate what's great about America, so we wanted to choose films that were celebrating American culture.  Top Gun  is a little more light-hearted than other war movies, which all could have been on this list.  It definitely has its fair share of war images and combat, but it's also a film that celebrates America's military and what it stands for.  There's also Tom Cruise at his prime and a lot of cool plane maneuvering, which never hurts.

2. Gone With the Wind 

Gone with the Wind Photo

You cannot have a list about American without including the epically long Gone with the Wind.  It's patriotism at its best, although slanted very much to favor the south.  You can't get much more American than the civil war.  A country fighting amongst itself to uphold values and structures the country will have long past the gruesome battles.  It represents some of the foundations this country is built on and needs to be remembered during our modern celebrations.

1. Independence Day

Independence Day Picture

There's no other film that could possibly take the number one spot on a list celebrating Independence Day.  Yes, it's a bit of a stretch, considering the film is about aliens invading America, but there's so much love and devotion to the country to save it from the extraterrestrial attack that it can definitely be number one in our books.  It's a story of unity and love for a country when faced with threatening forcesVery America and great for a day like today.

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