Interviews: Another Earth Stars Brit Marling and William Mapither Talk Genre-less Film

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Another Earth is an amalgamation of a number of different film genres.  It has been described as sci-fi, drama, redemption story, character study, and love story.

The ambiguity is what actress/writer/producer Brit Marling loved about making this film.

"I think ultimately what we tried to do was find ways this external thing, this epic thing, the other earth, is actually a refection of this internal thing that's going on in Rhoda and in John and the ways we talk about that are really just manifestations of their relationship."

Mapother agrees, but talks a little bit more about the science fiction aspect and the wonder that part of the other earth reveals.

"Another Earth is the possibility of another reality, other than the one we've come to accept and the possibility of what might be on that planet."

The story centers on something far bigger than what we experience in our everyday life and encourages people to look up at the night sky to question our own existence, and power to truly choose our destiny. 

We also got a chance to catch up with the stars, as well as director Mike Cahill, at the red carpet premiere at LAFF where he talked about his inspirations for making the film and what he hopes people will take from his first feature film.

Check out excerpts from interviews with the stars below.

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