Meet Captain America: Featurette Released

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Captain America has been all the rage the past couple of weeks, but who is this Marvel superhero and what does he have to offer to the genre.  Check out this brand new featurette all about Steve Rogers - the man who becomes Captain America.

Make sure to also check out our interview with Captain America's Chris Evans for even more background info and secrets from the set!

Captain America: The First Avenger follows the early life of Steve Rogers and his beginnings as an experiment to create a super-human.  The project works perfectly as Rogers sacrifices himself for the betterment of man.  He becomes Captain America and leads the U.S military to great victories, including its battle against the evil Hydra organization.

The film hits theaters this Friday, but fans can get an early sneak peek at Comic-Con on Thursday.

Check out the featurette in the player below:

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Captain America Quotes

Red Skull: "What makes you so special?"
Steve Rogers: "Nothing. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn."

Steve Rogers / Captain America: That wasn't so bad...
Dr. Abraham Erskine: That was the penicillin.

Captain America Review

Captain America: The First Avenger is a throw-back to the good 'ole days and a great one at that.  Don't know who Captain America is? ...

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