MoviePass Cancels Test Run in San Francisco

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We reported earlier this week that a new theater service called MoviePass was entering its test phase in the San Francisco market this weekend.  Well that plan has run into a few problems.  It will no longer be doing it this weekend in what the company is calling a "temporary hiatus." 

According to Deadline, this is because MoviePass failed to get clearance from the major theater chains, including Landmark and AMC. 

The service would allow movie theater enthusiasts to see as many films as they wanted for $50 a month.

People were a little weary of the idea when we first wrote about it on Wednesday, with most people saying it wasn't worth it.  The price is a little steep considering you would have to see at least five movies in theaters every month for it to be worth it.

MoviePass is trying to be the Netflix of theaters, but Netflix is a great bargain and people are willing to pay the low cost for many benefits.  MoviePass has a lot of fine print and rules to their services, plus it costs a lot.

What do you think about this premise?  Is is even going to get off the ground?

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