Top 10 Movies: Biggest Flicks Hitting Comic-Con

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Comic-Con definitely has it fair share of variety this year - as with most year.  The Comic book convention has long transformed from just comics to a huge array of cult and fan favorites. Plus, now it's just an excuse to stalk your favorite celebrity!

We're bringing you a special Top 10 movies this week with a preview of what to expect at one of the biggest movie conventions in America.  Here are the top 10 movies to look out for and we'll have all the coverage for you.

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10. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Tons of tweens camp out for days at the Convention center to get a glimpse of Lautner, Pattinson, and Stewart in Hall H and this year is no exception.  We're still trying to figure out why Twilight is even at Comic-Con, but for our own sanity, really just need to give up and accept it.  Expect Hall H to be full to the brim on Thursday morning with Twihards desperate for any and all Twilight info.

9. Underworld: Awakening

The panel will feature Kate Beckinsale with her director Hubby Len Wiseman as they discuss the new 3-D installment set to hit theaters next year.

8. Fright Night

Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, and Imogen Poots will all be around to answer fan questions about the "other" vampire flick to hit theaters this year.  This one's a little darker and not so much about love!  It hits theaters in August, so there should be a great sneak peek of this one.

7. Total Recall

Farrell is pulling double duties at the convention this year with Total Recall.  It's part of Sony's big Friday presentation in Hall H, which also includes Ghost Rider, 30 Minutes or Less, and The Amazing Spider-Man.

6. The Amazing Spider-Man

Speaking of The Amazing Spider-Man, stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone should be on hand in Hall H to promote their upcoming comic-book adventure.  The film doesn't hit theaters for another year, so we really need to take in anything we're given for this one now!  It's going to be a while for the release.

5. Immortals

Henry Cavill's other movie Man of Steel is not scheduled to make an appearance, but the actor is.  He's there to promote Relativity's Immortals which is set to hit theaters this November.

4. The Adventure of Tintin

In a history-making move, Steven Spielberg is set to make his way to Comic-Con for the first time ever.  He will actually be present in Hall H!  It might be a good idea because fans seem to be pretty skeptical about this new motion-capture film.  He's going to need to do some pretty good convincing and showing up at Comic-Con might just be the way to do it.

3. Drive

FilmDistrict will show an exclusive sneak peek of its two upcoming titles, the Ryan Gosling driven Drive and the Katie Holmes lead Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.  Both of these films have already premiered at various film festivals, but fans haven't seen either one - both set to hit theaters this fall.

2. Snow White and the Huntsman

Only one of the three Snow White remakes we're going to be graced with in the coming years will be hitting Comic-Con.  Universal's version, starring Kristen Stewart (she'll already be around promoting that other tiny film she's in), Charlize Theron, and Liam Hemsworth should all be around to talk about the upcoming remake.

1. Cowboys and Aliens

This is the big one at Comic-Con this year!  The film will premiere at the convention on Saturday night - red carpet and all!  Stars Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, and Harrison Ford will all be there to celebrate the highly anticipated Jon Favreau flick.

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