Alfred Hitchcock: Lost Film Found!

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The White Shadow was a 1970s hit TV show, but for film buffs, its title will now give them the chills. The White Shadow is the earliest known work by Hollywood icon Alfred Hitchcock and has been found in a film archive in New Zealand.

Alfred Hitchock The White Shadow

The 1924 British film was thought to be lost in the sands of time.

It was announced today by the New Zealand Film Archive and the National Film Preservation Foundation that not only were three of the six reels of Hitchcock’s first film found in the Kiwi nation, but also over 60 other films that were also previously thought to be gone.

The White Shadow is the story of twin sisters where each is at the polar opposite of the personality spectrum than the other. The film starred Betty Compson as the twins.

So, what now?

The reels will be headed to the British Film Institute for its ongoing Alfred Hitchcock rescue project that they are collaborating on with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Library of Congress, George Eastman House, the UCLA Film and Television Archive and the Museum of Modern Art.

The White Shadow featured Hitchcock credited as the assistant director with directing duties handled by Graham Cutts.

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