Apollo 18 TV Spots Sizzle

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Dimension Films has released three new TV spots for their horror-thriller Apollo 18. The story of a secret moon mission gone horribly awry lands in theaters September 2 and from the look of these latest teases, it is sure to petrify even the most hardened horror fan.

Apollo 18 still

When it was launched on December 17, 1972, Apollo 17 was supposedly America’s last manned mission to the moon. But in Apollo 18, it wasn’t.

In the film, Apollo 18 took off in December of 1974 as two U.S. astronauts were shot into space on a top secret mission to the moon. Their efforts were not funded by NASA, but by the Department of Defense. The footage below is actually what those astronauts captured on tape once they arrived on the moon. Could the video serve as the real reason we never returned to the moon? It appears so...

Apollo 18 Space TV spot:

Apollo 18 Classified TV spot:

Apollo 18 Truth TV spot:

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