DVD Release: Jane Eyre, Priest and Something Borrowed

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This week on the home video front finds a varied crop of releases to entertain all audiences including Priest, Jane Eyre, Something Borrowed and The Conspirator.

Jane Eyre: Mia Wasikowska was born to play Jane Eyre and this film easily makes it to the top of the bunch for this week’s DVD and Blu-Ray releases. Director Cary Fukunaga’s taken Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel and breathed new life into it on the screen. It is dark, powerful and come Academy Award nomination time, we hope Oscar does not forget Wasikowska or her co-star, the astounding Michael Fassbender.

Jane Eyre Blu-Ray

Priest: Although audiences didn’t flock to see Paul Bettany’s passion project, Priest, we thought the film was good fun and also gives a new angle on the vampire movie craze that is all the rage. It is a post-apocalyptic world as the centuries-long battle against vampires has all but wiped out the human race in the process. Sure, they were successful in defeating the vampire menace, but their bombs and battles have left the earth almost unlivable. The Priest of the title refers to a specialty trained group of supernatural agents of the church who possess the skills necessary to defeat the vampires. Once the vampires have been beaten down and locked away, the need for the Priests is no more. That is until Bettany’s family is taken hostage by vampires and it appears the war is far from over.

Priest Blu-Ray

Something Borrowed: Kate Hudson, John Krasinski and Ginnifer Goodwin star in the movie adaptation of the wildly successful book by Chick Lit writer extraordinaire, Emily Giffin. The film is a romantic comedy, but unfortunately filmmakers forgot the punch lines as the film limps to a finish. Kate Hudson is the best aspect of the picture as she makes her character, that should be completely unlikeable, not only palatable, but also vulnerable which allows the audience to see inside her soul.

Something Borrowed Blu-Ray

The Conspirator: Robert Redford returns to the director’s chair to direct a thrilling period piece about the days after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The film follows the trial of Mary Surratt, a woman who was charged with the aiding and abetting of John Wilkes Booth in his successful assassination of the president. James McAvoy sizzles in his portrayal of an attorney on a quest for the truth that may have been buried with the president.

The Conspirator Blu-Ray

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