Harry Potter Team Tackling Stephen King's The Stand?

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 director David Yates and that film’s screenwriter, Steve Kloves, are in negotiations to take on their next project and it is a doozy -- Stephen King’s iconic novel The Stand.

Stephen King's The Stand

Yates and Kloves worked together on the last three Harry Potter films and if anyone can effectively adapt King’s masterwork to the big screen, it is that duo.

The Stand first came to the screen in the smaller form in 1994 with a television miniseries. King’s thousand-page-plus novel tells the story of the world after a human-race-killing virus has created a massive apocalypse. Those that are left on the planet must take sides in a good versus evil battle that may either save or completely annihilate the human race altogether.

With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 climbing to third on the all-time box office list behind Avatar and Titanic, the creative tandem of Yates and Kloves could be very picky when it comes to their next project. The Stand fans should be thrilled at the prospect of these two tackling King’s consummate work.

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Harry Potter Quotes

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Dumbledore: Mysterious thing, time. Powerful, and when meddled with, dangerous. Sirius Black is in the topmost cell of the dark tower. You know the laws, Miss Granger. You must not be seen, and you would do well, I feel, to return before this last chime. If not, the consequences are too ghastly to discuss. If you succeed tonight, more than one innocent life may be spared. Three turns, should do it, I think.
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