The Double Trailer: Richard Gere, Martin Sheen Shine

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The Double, for starters, has one incredible cast. From Richard Gere and Martin Sheen to Topher Grace, the acting chops are top notch -- proof of which is on full display in the film’s new trailer.

Topher Grace and Richard Gere in The Double

The Double is the story of international espionage with Gere playing a retired spy who spent his career pursuing a Russian assassin. Once it was believed the killer was dead, Gere decided to retire.

Only, a few years later, Gere is pulled back into service by Sheen when the Russian assassin appears to have resurfaced on the streets of the U.S. with a murder that has all the signature attributes of the Russian killer.

Grace is a rookie agent who spent his training studying Gere’s methods of tracking down the infamous Russian assassin, so the two are paired and the thriller goes into high gear.

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