The Help Crosses $100 Million Mark

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The Help has joined that illustrious group of movies given the moniker blockbuster by crossing the $100 million plateau in box office sales.

Octavia Spencer in The Help

With the film’s August 30 showings, The Help crossed the coveted movie money-making mark and became a certified smash. Will this help Academy voters remember the film for Oscar nominations? Only time will tell. But, for now, DreamWorks and Participant Media can pop the champagne corks based solely on the film’s box office performance.

Many had wondered why the studio would not wait to debut the film until the fall, traditionally the time when Oscar bait films are released. Guess the news that it has become a $100 million movie squelches any question as to the film’s release timing.

Based on the bestselling novel by Kathryn Stockett about a young journalist (Emma Stone) and her determination to get a book out on the market that documents the lives of the African American maids in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960s, The Help did have a built-in audience. Yet, that does not always guarantee box office success.

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