Tom Cruise Scared by Katie Holmes' Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

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Katie Holmes was talking about screening her latest flick, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, for her husband Tom Cruise recently. After the couple watched the film, Holmes said Cruise had to watch another film before retiring for the evening.

Katie Holmes stars in Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

“I’m not sure what he watched,” Holmes said to Reuters. “Maybe The Sound of Music?”

Movie Fanatic just saw Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and will bring you our review August 26 and yes, it is scary. From the fantastical mind of filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, it tells the story of a modern family living in an old Rhode Island mansion that has secrets buried deep below the ground.

Although Holmes is a fan of the classics from the horror genre, the superstar admits that she appreciated del Toro’s take on the steadfast horror movie storyline of a house that is haunted by some sort of evil.

What also appealed to the star was that the film allowed her to be a mother figure to a young daughter, much as she is in real life to daughter Suri.

"I think being a mom myself, when I read my character and I saw the journey she takes and how we see her make sacrifices for her child -- I think I didn't understand that until I became a mom," she says. "Just how much you love this person. You will do anything for that person, and you have strength you didn't know that you had, which is what I like about my character. So I think that being a mom definitely gave me much more insight to this character."

See for yourself in the Don't Be Afraid of the Dark trailer!

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