Weekend Movie Preview: August 12, 2011

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This weekend at the movie house is a crowded scene. The Help (which arrived August 10) is joined by 30 Minutes or Less, Final Destination 5, Glee: The 3D Concert Movie and in limited release, Senna.

The Help stars Emma Stone

The Help, based on the book by Kathryn Stockett, is a triumph of the spirit. The story follows a young writer (Emma Stone) who gets inside the world of The Help in 1960s Mississippi. 

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie is exactly as it sounds: The Glee gang performing songs from their hit show in arenas across the country. But, the film is so much more as audiences able to witness the effect the show has had on today’s youth.

30 Minutes or Less is a bank robbery comedy with a twist. Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride make mayhem as McBride’s character kidnaps Eisenberg and attaches a time bomb to him that will explode unless he robs a Grand Rapids, Michigan bank.

Final Destination 5 is the most surprising of the flicks arriving this weekend. It is the fifth installment in the Final Destination series that began in 2000.

The Help: A wildly successful book comes to the big screen and charms in every way. The cast, including Emma Stone, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer, rivets in capturing life in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960s as the civil rights movement is gaining steam. Stone’s character is a young writer who is hoping to tell the story of The Help that have essentially raised her and hundreds of kids just like her. With great danger, the trio of characters crafts a book they hope will change not only their community, but the world.

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie: Glee is at its heart about song and the power it possesses. The 3D film is pure fun and a don’t miss on the big screen as it is only to be in theaters for a limited two week run. But, the film, like the Fox hit it stems from, is really about so much more including the need to create a world where even a Loser Like Me is accepted. Cameras go beyond the performance by bringing to light several teens whose lives were changed by the show.

30 Minutes or Less: 30 Minutes or Less has the explosive combo of Aziz Ansari and Jesse Eisenberg as a pair of best buds who would do anything for each other. But, robbing a bank? Sure! When Eisenberg shows up at Ansari’s school where he teaches with a bomb strapped to his chest that will go off if he doesn’t rob a bank for Danny McBride, Ansari’s character swings into action for his friend. Their camaraderie is what makes 30 Minutes or Less work.

Final Destination 5: Final Destination 5 is the surprise stunner of the week. Yes, it is a horror-thriller, but Final Destination 5 is also great fun. The film never takes itself too seriously and is a fantastic addition to the series, perhaps even the best since the first film. A group of friends avert disaster only to find death following them and one by one claiming them for what the film claims is a fateful date with death. As the film’s tagline so eloquently states: "No matter where you run, no matter where you hide... you can't cheat death.”

Also out in limited release:

Senna: Senna is an F1 professional driver and the documentary captures the real life story of the racing trailblazer from his first season in 1984 to his tragic death a decade later.

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