Weekend Movie Preview: August 5, 2011

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As the summer movie season begins to wind down, the first weekend in August provides films from two genres that are always solid audience pleasers: The big budget blockbuster and the side-splitting comedy.

The Change-Up still

Rise of the Planet of the Apes will likely lead the pack at the Cineplex this weekend. The origins story based on the Planet of the Apes series stars James Franco as a scientist developing what he believes will be a cure for Alzheimer’s.

The Change-Up arrives to tickle the funny bone. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in a R-rated body switch comedy, look for the film to come in second at the box office with its mediocre to solid entertainment reviews. (Don’t miss our review going live later today!)

Rise of the Planet of the Apes: This is not your parents' Planet of the Apes movie. Where actors once were performing in ape suits, technology has managed to capture real actors performing as apes giving the simian characters incredible depths of emotion. As the audience knows how this journey will end thanks to pop culture’s adoration for the original series, look for filmmakers to raise the stakes through the plot and performances that are sure to thrill and tantalize.

The Change-Up: Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are two actors solidly confident in their respective talents' wheelhouses. So, what would happen if 10 minutes into a movie they star in together, their characters were to switch bodies forcing the actors completely out of their comfort zone? Could be comic brilliance! Reynolds plays the single guy up to his elbows in women and wine. Bateman is the family man whose wife (Leslie Mann) and him have two little babies. When each thinks life would be better as the other, movie magic sweeps in and poof! You’ve got The Change-Up.

Also out in limited release:

Bellflower: Jessie Wiseman, Tyler Dawson and Rebekah Brandes star in a film about a set of Los Angeles pals who spend their time anticipating the end of the world.

The Perfect Age of Rock and Roll: Taryn Manning and Jason Ritter lead the cast in the film about two longtime friends who embark on a music-filled road trip in an effort to discover their future while dealing with their past.

The Whistleblower: Rachel Weisz stars in the true life story of a U.N. peacekeeper who lands in Bosnia in the hopes of rebuilding a nation only to discover deep-rooted racism, corruption, scandal and scourge.

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The Change-Up Review

Although there may be comparisons to Freaky Friday, The Change-Up frankly sits in its own league when it comes to body switching...

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