Abduction Quotes: Taylor Lautner Finds Trouble

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Abduction may not have scored with audiences or critics (see our Abduction review), but Taylor Lautner fans cannot get enough of the actor cruising into action mode. In honor of Abduction’s release, we’ve listed some of the film’s more compelling quotes.

Lily Collins and Taylor Lautner Star in Abduction

Lautner plays Nathan, a teenager who awakes one day to discover his face on a missing persons website. When he calls the number on the site, it sets in motion an all-out race to the truth that may cost him his life.

Below are some of the film's most memorable lines. Check back with us in the coming weeks as we add even more Abduction quotes:

Karen: Nathan, I’ve got something you need to see. | permalink

Nathan: Why would my picture wind up on a missing persons website? | permalink

Agent Frank Burton: Listen to me Nathan, we're going to find you.
Nathan: Not if I find you first! | permalink

Dr. Bennett: There were only four of us that knew your identity, two of us are dead. | permalink

Nathan: Sometimes I feel different. I walk around like everybody else, but inside, I feel like a stranger in my own life. | permalink

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Abduction Quotes

Why would my picture wind up on a missing person's website?


Nathan, I've got something you need to see.


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