DVD Release: Bridesmaids Bounty and Dumbo Delivers

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It’s an interesting week on the DVD and Blu-Ray release calendar with new release Tuesday being dominated by the number one comedy of the year -- Bridesmaids. But, that fact is overshadowed by two films that were released on the rare Friday release -- the Star Wars Blu-Ray and X-Men: First Class.

Bridesmaids: Judd Apatow may have produced Bridesmaids, but this film is all the Kristen Wiig show. Wiig co-wrote the film with partner Annie Mumolo, culled from their own experiences of being Bridesmaids and the results are astoundingly hilarious. Movie Fanatic reviewed the release here.

The Cast of Bridesmaids

Dumbo Blu-Ray: When Disney goes back to its classics and gives it the Blu-Ray update, the results are always astounding and Dumbo is no different. The 1941 film looks sharper than it ever has and as usual, Disney has filled the Blu-Ray with stunning extras sure to compel children and adults alike. For the Blu-Ray release, Disney went to the Library of Congress where the original nitrate camera negative was stored and brought it crisply to life for 2011 HD viewing -- worth every cent.
Dumbo Blu-Ray

The Others Blu-Ray: One of the most underrated horror flicks in the last two decades gets the Blu-Ray treatment. If you haven’t seen this Nicole Kidman masterpiece, do yourself a favor and run, don’t walk, and pick this one up. The story is of a mother of two who lives in what she believes is a haunted house. The truth will astound you and knock you off your seat.
The Others Blu-Ray

September 16 Releases:

X-Men First Class: X-Men goes back to the beginning in a great origins story starring Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. The two give incredible performances that amazingly can make us almost forget Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in the original. Seriously.
X-Men: First Class Blu-Ray

Star Wars Blu-Ray: Now, where to begin with this one? George Lucas got fans excited when he announced he was releasing the entire six-film series on Blu-Ray. Then word got out that Lucas had further tinkered with his classics (and by classics we mean Episodes Four through Six). Cue backlash. In the end, the tinkering really isn’t all that bad when you consider the scope of witnessing the Star Wars saga with crystal clear Blu-Ray visuals and the always incredible sound quality.
Star Wars Blu-Ray

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