Goon: Red Band Trailer Teases

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Since being screened at the Toronto Film Festival, Goon has been getting a lot of buzz. The story of a bouncer (Seann William Scott) with professional hockey dreams has fans of the sport eager with excitement over finally having a movie about their sport hitting the big screen.

Seann William Scott Stars in Goon

Goon looks more like Slapshot than Miracle, or Mighty Ducks for that matter, and thank goodness. Movie Fanatic could not be more excited. It's been too long since a good hockey movie hit the big screen.

Scott’s character is a bouncer who has a penchant for extolling beatings. That catches the eye of a local minor league hockey team scout and before you know it, he’s crashing the boards fulfilling his dream.

Liev Schreiber co-stars in Goon along with Jay Baruchel.

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