Is a Third X-Files Movie in the Works?

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While Gillian Anderson was promoting her turn in the Rowan Atkinson sequel to Johnny English, Johnny English Reborn, she said a little something that should have X-Files fans drooling in anticipation.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in The X-Files

Anderson admitted there was “something going on” in regards to a script being developed and that the “talk” about it seems quite serious. The actress even put a fine point on her sentiment about returning to the role of Agent Scully by saying, “You know what? Scully wouldn’t be so bad. I could do that again.”

Where the first X-Files film continued the TV show’s mythology, the second film could be thought of as a stand alone. In that manner, witnessing Mulder and Scully go at it once again would be welcome news.

Movie Fanatic was recently thinking about what happened to X-Files' Chris Carter and when we would hear from him next. His screenplay Fencewalker is in post-production, but it has been a few years since audiences enjoyed his work behind the camera.

X-Files ran for nine seasons before heading off into the television sunset, produced two films and legions of passionate fans in the process. Is there a hunger for another go from X-Files fans? You bet.

The question that immediately comes to mind is: Will David Duchovny be down for a third cinematic visit to the mysterious worlds of Agent Scully and Agent Mulder? Although the actor is killing it on Showtime’s Californication, there could be some serious interest on Duchovny’s part to get back on to the big screen -- even if it means having to wield Mulder’s FBI badge once again.

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