Lion King Still King of the Box Office

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How do you like me now? That is exactly what Disney has asked with its number one showing for the 3D re-release of their titan flick The Lion King. The animated classic withstood the opening weekend pressure of the extremely well reviewed Drive, the remake Straw Dogs and the Sarah Jessica Parker vehicle I Don't Know How She Does It. Movie Fanatic wonders what this means?

The Lion King Concept Art
The new flicks did manage to hang in there with Drive scoring highest. Ryan Gosling and his getaway car landed in third place -- taking in $11 million in its first weekend. Nailing the second spot was last week's box office winner, Contagion, which managed to scare up another $14.5 million to take its total to just over $44 million.

The Help continued its impressive run -- for a sixth straight week the film was in the top five. The film based on the bestselling book landed in fourth place, selling $6.4 million in tickets as "the conversation" continued for The Help.

Meanwhile, the Parker starring I Don't Know How She Does It came $500,000 away from cracking the top five, finishing in sixth with $4.5 million in its opening weekend.

But a bigger question arises with this week's box office results: Will studios rethink their remake rampage given the fact that a beloved classic outperformed the Fright Night remake on its opening weekend by over $20 million. Therefore, are audiences looking at classics coming back to the big screen for a new audience versus farming the past for their future? And by the way, how awesome is the above concept art courtesy of Walt Disney from The Lion King?!

1. The Lion King, $29.3 million
2. Contagion, $14.5 million
3. Drive, $11 million
4. The Help, $6.4 million
5. Straw Dogs, $5 million
6. I Don't Know How She Does It, $4.5 million
7. The Debt, $2.9 million
8. Warrior, $2.8 million
9. Rise of the Planet of the Apes, $2.6 million
10. Colombiana, $2.3 million

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