Matt Stone, Trey Parker: Book of Mormon Movie Not Happening

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Just days after word leaked that South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker were working on a big screen version of their Tony Award winning musical Book of Mormon, the two say it’s a no-go.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Picture

Stone and Parker did admit that they would one day love to bring Book of Mormon to the silver screen, but at this point a film version isn’t even in the planning stages.

The pair spoke to The Hollywood Reporter to set things straight. “We did a stage show and it worked out way better than we ever thought, and we’d like it to be that for a while, you know, without contaminating it with a movie,” Parker said.

So, how did the news spread like wildfire that Book of Mormon would get the movie treatment allowing the rest of the world who cannot get to Broadway a chance to see this masterpiece? Well, a reporter asked them if they could ever see a film version and Parker’s response set off the firestorm. “We said, ‘Yeah, I think we could do a Book of Mormon movie,’ and they were like, ‘Book of Mormon movie! It’s coming!’”

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