Star Wars Blu-Ray Already Sold a Million Copies

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The Star Wars Blu-Ray release has banked an astounding $84 million thus far, moving over a million copies of the George Lucas classic in one week.

Star Wars: The Complete Blu-Ray

Many cheered when it was announced that the Star Wars saga was finally coming to Blu-Ray. Then, purists scoffed when we learned that Lucas had further tinkered with his classics with many letting out a collective: Again?

Guess that fact didn’t deter audiences as the global market has gobbled up copies of the Star Wars Blu-Ray set in record numbers. These early numbers indicate that the Star Wars Blu-Ray is fast on its way to being hailed as the bestselling Blu-Ray release of all time.

Movie Fanatic wants to know: Did you get the set and what do you think? Enjoying the never-before-seen features has to be a treat, but will the added dialogue -- such as Darth Vader shouting “No” as the Emperor electrocutes Luke -- take away from your memories of what was an iconic film?

It appears certain, and thus you can bank on the fact, that with the sales figures breaking records, one can expect Lucas to believe that he is not finished with his six movie series and more changes can be on the way for future anniversary editions.

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