The Big Year Clip: Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black Go Birding

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The Big Year has released its first real clip taking audiences inside a first in Hollywood film lore. Fans of birding look out: A big-time Hollywood film is paying tribute to the art of birdwatching.

Steve Martin in The Big Year

The Big Year stars Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin as birders who are all going after a Big Year. What is a Big Year, you say? Well, it’s when a birdwatcher declares on January 1 that he or she will take the entire following year to witness as many species of birds in the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii) as humanly possible. In the film, Wilson’s character is the record-holder with over 700 species seen in a single calendar year.

Movie Fanatic has seen the film, and although we cannot say too much, let’s just say this: The Big Year manages to make the art of birdwatching a thrill, complete with a beat the clock feel, while still possessing a heart of gold.

The Big Year is directed by David Frankel and also stars Dianne Wiest, Anjelica Huston, Joel McHale, Rosamund Pike and Rashida Jones.

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