Breaking Dawn: New TV Spot Debuts!

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Breaking Dawn fever is hitting a deafening pitch and the new 30 second TV spot released today by Fandango is only going to make it more intense.

The new spot gives Twilight fans a few more lines to chew on, and several new images of the wolves. Note that the special effects creating the wolves have only improved with time!

Bella’s pregnant and Jacob’s all sorts of upset, while Edward is simply trying to keep his new family together.

We get a shot of the wedding too and believe us when we say, that as the Breaking Dawn: Part 1 November 18 release date gets ever closer… Twilight fever will rear its head anew.

If you haven't seen it, watch the full Breaking Dawn trailer as well!

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Breaking Dawn Part 1 Quotes

Billy: Jacob, keep your shirt on!
Jacob: No!

I waited for a century to marry you Miss Swan.


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